Individual Improvement Series

For more than a decade, regulators, hospitals, specialist colleges and training providers throughout the world have turned to Cognitive Institute's individual improvement programmes to support doctors.

Colleague to colleague, our experienced medical faculty deliver world-class training empathically and without judgment.

Designed to support HR processes, performance management requirements and professional development needs, the Individual Improvement Series, comprising both short and intensive programmes, engages with a range of specific performance-related issues including:

  • poor colleague and patient communication skills
  • disruptive team behaviour
  • models and skills for safer practice
  • professional standards for patient engagement and decision making.

Recent research has found a reduction in average annual complaint or claim events from .42 down to .26 for programme participants, who represented the top 1% of identified at-risk doctors.* 

Confidential and discrete, our individual improvement programmes are designed using evidence-based educational research and best-practice training techniques, including simulated patient and colleague interactions. They are focused on skills training and entirely outcome driven.


*O'Brien et al, The Clinical Communication Program: an effective intervention for reducing future risk for high-risk physicians, Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 9(1):8-13 (2014)


Individual improvement programmes

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