Providing practical, skills based communication training in areas crucial to successful clinician patient interactions is a trademark of Cognitive Institute.

Recognised as a leader in communication skills training for healthcare professionals, we offer short, practical skills courses for busy clinicians as well more in-depth programmes.

The courses are designed so that the key research and theoretical insights into educational effectiveness are incorporated into every element of the training experience. The result for participants is enhanced confidence and competence in improving the quality of their communication with patients.

Good communication is both a sword and shield. Effective interactions can be a powerful motivator of behavioural change for patients and improve health outcomes. Similarly, effective communication can be a key defence against complaints and claims.

A large body of research literature overwhelmingly identifies communication skills as being critical to:

  • increasing clinician and patient satisfaction
  • preventing complaints and claims
  • enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare provision
  • increasing patient adherence to therapeutic regimes
  • improving patient health outcomes
  • reducing stress.

Across the Institute’s range of communication skills courses, each focuses on issues clinicians face in day-to-day patient interactions. All use best-practice techniques in a small group training environment, including short lectures, facilitated group discussions, reflections on clinician patient video scenarios and skills rehearsal through role plays.