The Performance and Professionalism Series offers programmes and courses designed to enhance the ability of clinical leaders and organisations to promote and lead higher levels of individual and team functioning through its strong focus on addressing behaviour change.

The best of patient outcomes can only be achieved by harnessing the goodwill and the desire for excellence in individuals and teams. This series supports those seeking to channel this active or latent potential in all clinicians.

Facilitating high levels of performance and professionalism requires:

  • An understanding of what drives individual and team motivation to improve clinical performance
  • Skills in creating the necessary support and tension to tap into the intrinsic motivation of all clinicians
  • Mechanisms for organisational, unit and individual indicators of clinical performance and professional behaviour to be monitored and fed back
  • An appropriate organisational accountability framework supported by trained leaders to ensure unwanted variance by any team or individual is addressed early in the most respectful and effective way
  • The ability to assist oneself and others achieve work/life balance and emotional equilibrium so that performance and professional behaviour is not adversely affected by distress or loss of perspective.