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Practical, proven techniques to help tip the balance in your favour

Many clinicians report the struggle to get the right balance between work and the other important aspects of life.

Juggling the need to attend to family, finding appropriate time for leisure and keeping enthusiasm for work high can be a challenge when demand for services is climbing. On-call rosters can place an onerous burden on lifestyle, and shortages of medical workforce add pressures to maintain services for patients in need.

The Mastering Work/Life Balance workshop identifies the challenges clinicians face in getting this balance right. An analysis of literature clearly outlines the specific risks that clinicians face when they try to address this challenge from their patients’ and society’s perspective. In addition, the workshop analyses the specific mental health problems that studies identify clinicians to be at particular at risk of, should they not achieve the correct balance over their working life.

‘Burnout’ is a commonly used phrase and the workshop reviews the specific factors that may predispose clinicians to not achieving the correct balance and subsequently be at risk of “burning out”.

Participants have the opportunity to reflect on the causes of happiness and fulfilment in life before an examination of the options that a busy clinician faces in starting to address the balance.

A very specific discussion focuses on the practical barriers faced when trying to start addressing an imbalance. It then examines strategies that may be successful in overcoming those barriers.

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Mastering Work/Life Balance

Practical, proven techniques to help tip the balance in your favour.

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