Course overview

Meeting Australian Open Disclosure Framework guidance and training for health professionals who conduct or support open disclosure

Learn how to maintain and enhance professional patient respect in challenging situations, and ways to support colleagues through difficult conversations.

Cognitive Institute is recognised by the NSQHS for our Open Disclosure courses, providing you with the communication skills to achieve “expert” under the Framework.

Read about Mater Health Services Brisbane’s implementation.

The Open Disclosure Expert Training Programme provides participants with the skills and knowhow to:

  • assist, mediate and facilitate open disclosure in a health service organisation including:
    • preparing for an open disclosure discussion
    • effectively engaging with patients, their family or carers when something goes wrong
    • follow-up and further actions required after open disclosure dialogue
  • genuinely say “sorry” to a patient who has suffered an adverse outcome while being cognisant of the issues of admitting liability
  • engage with the psychological and emotional state of patients, their families and/or carers after an adverse outcome
  • appreciate the response clinicians may have following an adverse outcome and understand emotional barriers that can impact on conducting effective disclosure conversations.

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Open Disclosure Expert Training

Meeting Australian Open Disclosure Framework guidance, advanced communication skills training, including simulated patients, for health professionals who conduct or support open disclosure.

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Download course brochure

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