Course overview

Knowledge, insights and practical techniques to help build personal resilience and avoid burnout

There is a robust evidence base showing that burnout is now a global problem in healthcare. Overall, the evidence suggests that many clinicians worldwide will experience burnout in their careers and that burnout rates are rising.

Burnout is linked with medicolegal risk. It impacts on quality of care, errors and harm and can contribute to a minimised empathic response. Physicians with burnout had more than twice the odds of self-reported medical error, after adjusting for speciality, work hours, fatigue and work unit safety rating. There is an effect on cognitive function such as memory and decision-making and an impact on colleagues, teams and the organisation.1,2,3

Increasing the resilience of clinicians, teams and organisations maximises the chances of optimum patient outcomes, reduces medicolegal risk and allows them to continue to practice safe and enjoyable clinical practice, despite increasing demands.

Drawing on a wide range of expertise, research and experience the workshop explores:

  • the extent to which burnout has been identified as a risk for patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations
  • key personal factors that have been identified as potential barriers to achieving resilience in the workplace
  • organisational factors that can facilitate or impede resilience in teams and organisations
  • lessons that can be learnt from resilient individuals and systems outside of healthcare
  • simple, practical ways to ensure that key drivers of burnout are understood and addressed.

1 Hall et al, 2016
2 Salyers et al. 2016
3 Shanafelt et al. 2017


Type For organisations
Duration Half day
Delivery Mode In-house at your organisation
Participants Up to 25
Delivered By Experienced Cognitive Institute medical faculty
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Building Resilience and Avoiding Burnout

Knowledge, insights and practical techniques to help build personal resilience and avoid burnout.

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