Course overview

A systematic, comprehensive and quality assured training framework, that establishes expert in-house consultants to support colleagues in open disclosure

Extensive international research shows that early engagement and support of patients after an adverse event can significantly decrease exposure to litigation and complaints.

Skilled communication with patients facilitates an in-depth understanding of patients’ needs following an adverse event. This enables the organisation to more adequately support patients and meet their medical, psychological and social needs throughout the difficult recovery after an adverse outcome.

The Clinical Incident Management (CIM) programme provides healthcare organisations with a systematic, comprehensive and quality assured process that can form the basis of the response to a serious adverse outcome.

The programme is a sustainable model for addressing these issues by providing:

  1. procedures and documents required for the administrative aspect of the response
  2. training of in-house senior clinicians (CIM consultants) in open disclosure communication. They will be provided with high level, expert communication skills training to enable them to support colleagues conducting difficult conversations.
Type For organisations
Duration Multi-day
Delivery Mode In-house at your organisation
Participants Programme
Delivered By Experienced Cognitive Institute medical faculty
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Clinical Incident Management

Reducing risk through more effective communication with colleagues.

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