Course overview

Increasing the reliability of delivering excellent healthcare

Modern healthcare has applied the scientific method to produce life transforming interventions. There is now an expectation that this same scientific rigour will lead to care being implemented as safely and reliably as possible. The serious burden of avoidable adverse outcomes and associated patient dissatisfaction has led to calls for all in healthcare to embrace the quality improvement agenda.

Clinical leaders are being urged to maximise the quality of care in their team or unit by reducing unwanted variation in the delivery of therapeutic or preventative regimes that patients receive.

Increasing the reliability and safety of healthcare delivery maximises the chances of optimum patient outcomes and reduces the risk to clinicians and healthcare organisations of complaints, claims, adverse publicity and accreditation or regulatory body censure.

This workshop empowers clinical leaders to examine and enhance the modes of healthcare delivery utilised within their team or unit applying to the science of reliability.

Drawing on a wide range of expertise the workshop explores:

  • the extent to which low reliability in the delivery of healthcare has been identified as a risk for patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations
  • key personal and organisational factors that have been identified as potential barriers to achieving high reliability in all ‘high stakes’ delivery systems
  • people and process factors that can facilitate or impede human performance
  • the use of a reliability index to classify improvement strategies and predict their success
  • the research examining the balance between necessary individual autonomy (designed to preserve the essential role of professional judgment) and the level of standardisation essential to avoid unwanted variation that poses risk to patient and clinicians
  • lessons that can be learnt from non-healthcare high reliability systems.
Type For organisations
Duration Full day
Delivery Mode In-house at your organisation
Participants Up to 20
Delivered By Experienced Cognitive Institute medical faculty
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Leading Reliability Improvement for Safer Healthcare

Increasing the reliability of delivering excellent healthcare.

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