Course overview

Communication skills for doctors to meet patient expectations, build trust and improve health outcomes

More than ever it is critical for doctors to understand the importance of managing patient expectations, and understanding the variance from patient to patient. Using inadequate communication in some instances may result in exposure to complaints.

International research has demonstrated that through individualised training in standardised techniques, doctors have the capacity to improve their communication skills performance, enhance patient satisfaction and improve health outcomes.

In the Patient Communication Skills Masterclass, a highly trained Cognitive institute facilitator helps participants review their individual communication technique, analysing areas for improvement.

With feedback and guidance from the facilitator on particular patient cases and scenarios, each doctor is given the opportunity to identify areas they know cause them difficulty or anxiety.

Actors are used to focus on these areas so doctors can target important skills for improvement. The facilitator helps each doctor break down the flow of the conversation by analysing areas for improvement while keeping focused on patient needs during these interactions.

Type For organisations
Duration Full day
Delivery Mode In-house at your organisation
Participants Up to 32
Delivered By Experienced Cognitive Institute medical faculty
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Patient Communication Skills Masterclass

The best of Cognitive Institute’s communication skills workshops together with skills development tailored to suit participant needs (with actors).

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