Speaking up is critical to high performance and achieving an organisational-wide safe and reliable culture. However, 30% or more1-4 of hospital staff don’t feel safe raising a concern.

Cognitive Institute is proud to partner with over 300 healthcare organisations globally investing in patient and staff safety to overcome a culture of looking the other way. We’re building a global speaking up movement. Will you join us?

This programme has provided a very good framework to guide our staff on how to speak up effectively.

Prof Ng Kee Chong
Chairman, Medical Board

Speaking Up for SafetyTM  Programme

An organisation-wide programme to build a culture of safety by empowering staff to support each other and raise concerns.

Our Speaking Up for Safety programme provides the words and skills to support healthcare staff to overcome the barriers and speak in the moment. It promotes the importance of receiving these messages with respect, thanks and encouragement to speak up again.

The programme lays an essential foundation to ensure a culture of accountability can be effectively developed organisational-wide and delivers:

  • improved patient safety, attributable to greater staff willingness to speak up 
  • respectful, collegiate communication as a fist approach to raising a concern for safety
  • a professional culture embedded with patient safety, where anyone in the organisation is able to raise a concern with another person, this normalising speaking up
  • a positive framework reinforcing everyone has a role to play in patient safety
  • a proactive tool to enable staff to intervene before mistakes happened and unintended patient harm occurs.

Learn more about the Speaking Up for Safety Programme

Promoting Professional Accountability Programme  

An evidence-based programme proven to address unprofessional behaviour and improve safety culture.

Developed by the globally recognised Vanderbilt University Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy, the Promoting Professional Accountability programme works alongside the Speaking Up for Safety programme to embed an organisation-wide speaking up culture.

It provides an organisation-wide framework to help identify, engage with and hold accountable staff who demonstrate repeated unprofessional behaviour. Feedback is respectfully shared with individuals over reported behaviours, allowing them to reflect and personally align with a culture of safety and excellence.

Learn more about the PPA Programme

This programme is already playing dividends. We can see our culture is improving and we’re getting better clinical outcomes

Chanelle McEnallay
Chief Risk Officer (Australia)

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About Cognitive Institute

Cognitive Institute is an international healthcare education provider that partners with organisations globally to share its KnowHowTM – knowledge, insights and experience – to equip leaders and their teams with non-technical skills to practise safer, more reliable and kinder healthcare.

MPS logoFor more than 20 years, Cognitive Institute has provided independent, professional advice and multi-disciplinary education to engage and support healthcare professionals to build cultures of safety and reliability. Cognitive Institute works with more than 250 healthcare providers worldwide including public and private hospitals, general practices, mental health services, community health centres, primary health care networks and major public healthcare districts. Cognitive Institute is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Medical Protection Society (MPS), the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals with more than 300,000 members globally.

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