McEnallay, C. (2020, 22 January). “The feedback from doctors and clinicians has also been extremely positive. They are encouraged by the program and feel supported to speak up. There’s a real groundswell of enthusiasm around speaking up and getting the message going”, Ramsay Health Care.

The article Australian-first program boosts safety for private hospital patients published by Ramsay Health Care on Wednesday 22 January 2020, references the Promoting Professional Accountability Programme delivered by Cognitive Institute to Ramsay Health Care facilities nation-wide.

The article celebrates Ramsay Health Care becoming the first private hospital group in Australia to implement a nation-wide education programme designed to address potentially unsafe behaviour, improve professional accountability and deliver safer patient care. Approximately 40,000 Ramsay staff across 70 facilities, including hospitals, day surgeries and clinics, have been trained in how to speak up ‘in the moment’.

Ramsay Health Care’s progressive approach encourages staff to speak up and check each other if they see a colleague acting in a way that could put patients at risk. The programme is underpinned by a peer-to-peer support model that delivers feedback and provides the opportunity for professionals to self-regulate.

Cognitive Institute is supporting Ramsay Health Care through the delivery of the Promoting Professional Accountability Programme. The Programme has provided Ramsay Health Care with an evidence-based framework that builds a high performance culture of safety and reliability and addresses unprofessional behaviours.

Cognitive Institute Managing Director Matthew O’Brien acknowledged Ramsay Health Care’s achievement and its ongoing long-term commitment to delivering the highest quality care for its patients worldwide.

We congratulate Ramsay Health Care on the successful Australia-wide implementation of the organisation’s four-year long patient safety programme and we look forward to continuing to provide our support as Ramsay extends implementation across their hospitals in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Mr O’Brien.

The Promoting Professional Accountability Programme is offered by Cognitive Institute in partnership with Vanderbilt University and is currently being implemented in healthcare organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The programme provides healthcare organisations with a sustainable, organisation-wide framework to achieve the highest levels of safety and reliability. The evidence-based programme provides the tools and procedure for defining critical safety and professionalism standards, and identifying, measuring and addressing behaviours that undermine them.

Read more about how Ramsay Health Care have improved clinical outcomes and patient care – read the case study.

To learn more about the Promoting Professional Accountability Programme and related programmes, please contact us.

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